Get WPC Certificate For Import in India

A division of the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) of the Indian government’s Ministry of Communications and Information Technology is called Wireless Planning and Coordination (WPC). Products imported into India that contain transceivers, transmitters, receivers, Bluetooth, wireless, radio frequency identification tags, readers, etc., need to be certified by the WPC as Equipment Type Approved (ETA). Obtaining a WPC ETA certificate is necessary for everyone who sells, manufactures, or imports wireless equipment in accordance with Wireless Planning and Coordination communication standards.

Examining radio frequency (RF) test reports and approval certificates is typically the foundation for approval. A different set of licenses is needed for radio devices that operate in licensed frequency bands.


Blue Waves is committed to offering WPC import licenses that are completed by highly skilled personnel in a timely and economical manner.

As a freight forwarder and customs clearance company, we are aware of the precise procedures required to receive certification. We therefore provide WPC ETA certification services to you. At incredibly low costs, we provide a variety of services such wireless device certification, application preparation, and document compilation.

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