Sea Export Custom Clearing Agents in Ahmedabad, India

With the aspiration to become a global business leader, Blue Waves Logistics stands out as a top provider of sea export customs clearing agents in India, thanks to our dedicated and hardworking team of cargo agents. Our specialization extends to consolidation services, aiming for the swift delivery of goods directly to the client’s doorstep. Blue Waves excels in document preparation, including shipping bills, receipts, packing lists, and more. We guide clients through customs clearance and documentation processes at ports of loading or unloading.


Sea Export Custom Service in India

In the pursuit of leadership in the logistics field, Blue Waves stands out by providing services as India’s premier export customs agents. Our reputation is attributed to the dedication and hard work of our cargo agents. Specializing in consolidation services, our skilled export customs agents in India offer valuable guidance to customers on document preparation, consolidation, and cargo forwarding across various Indian ports. Choose Blue Waves for comprehensive and reliable solutions in the realm of export customs services.

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How to Export Goods From India By Occean

  • Partner with Experienced Clearing Agents: They guide through customs clearance efficiently.
  • Prepare Essential Documents: Including shipping bill, bill of lading, and commercial invoice.
  • Ensure Compliance: Meet all regulatory requirements for both India and the destination country.
  • Coordinate with Shipping Lines: Book containers and manage shipping schedules.
  • Understand Customs Procedures: Stay informed about the customs clearance process to avoid delays.
  • Customs Duty Assessment: Understand the valuation for customs duty.
  • Secure Cargo Insurance: Protect against transit risks.
  • Adhere to Packing Guidelines: Ensure cargo is properly packed for sea transport.
  • Get Fumigation Certificates: Required for certain goods to prevent pest spread.
  • Stay Updated on Shipping Regulations: International shipping laws can change; staying informed is crucial.

Required Documents for Air Export from India

  • Commercial Invoice: Details the transaction between exporter and importer.
  • Packing List: Specifies the contents of each package.
  • Shipping Bill: Mandatory for customs clearance, filed electronically.
  • Air Waybill (AWB): Contract between the carrier and shipper.
  • Certificate of Origin: Verifies the product’s country of origin.
  • Regulatory Documents: Includes IEC and AD Code registration.

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