BIS Certification Consultant in India

With a robust global network of logistics agents and a legitimate supplier database, Blue Waves has become a trusted advisor for BIS certification agents handling imports. Blue Waves places a high value on sustaining long-term connections with customers in order to promote the greatest product-sourcing deals worldwide.

Any Indian business or trader looking for trustworthy data and merchandise from overseas marketplaces uses the services of a product sourcing company such as Blue Waves to find products and handle customs clearance of such things quickly.


As a leading provider of BIS certification consulting services in Ahmedabad, Blue Waves is dedicated to providing our clients with top-notch advisory services. We are acknowledged as authorities in the field of BIS certifications and standardization, having served as reputable service providers and consultants for BIS certifications and standardization. Our expertise includes all products, particularly those related to electrical and mechanical engineering, BIS licenses for import into India, BIS consultancy, ISI certification, ISI Mark certification, and more. We provide each of these services based on the needs of our clients.

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