Import Licence Broker Service

Imports and exports are authorized using IEC codes. The registration procedure typically takes seven to eight days. Digital signatures are required for the same. The following documents are needed for importer and exporter licenses: the importer’s KYC, bank account information, Aadhar cards, and PAN details.
We always handle our clients the same manner we handle freight in order to make their business aggressive. … order for them to continue competing in the maritime and aviation freight industries. Next, we have partnerships with airlines and a broad agent network. Furthermore, because we are dedicated to giving our customers the finest service possible, we are able to keep shipping prices low by offering discounted rates for both air and ocean freight.

Sale & Purchase Services

In actuality, an importer or exporter uses his agent to handle all customs-related transactions. An access pass is required for any authorized worker conducting business on the company’s behalf. It is consequently necessary for the Deputy Commissioner or Assistant Commissioner of Customs to provide them with an identity card or a temporary permit. agents employed to board or exit a vessel or an airplane. Bluwaves India works hard to give its clients the greatest services possible.
We consistently handle export air freight clients in the same manner as we handle sea freight. We make sure our clients are competitive in the market so they may expand their businesses. The business has partnerships with airlines and a broad and extensive integrated agent network.

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